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  1. I had the pleasure of meeting you and seeing your work at Shakora Hills this past fall. I bought your laminated card with the Pollen Path works, wore a tattered straw Stetson, and talked with you about my plan to reopen TOTCo, The Overseas Trading Company, offering unique treasures from around the world, and my interest in including your artwork as my primary artist. I promised to get in touch with you and here I am. The plan is on go. Beginning this spring or summer, I plan to sail and motor along the Intracoastal waterways (check out MacGregor 26M on Google) stopping at boutique ports offering my wares to shops with your works including Czech crystal and glass I started TOTCo with in Tampa 15 years ago, among other things, but you would be my primary artist. It could be exciting and profitable for us both at no cost to you. I would love to meet at your studio, my office , or chat on the phone about this project at your convenience. I love your style and think I could be a good promoter of your talent. Please call me at 919 542 5543 in Pittsboro at your earliest convenience. I look forward to your response.Steve Gravely

  2. Saw you at the Gypsy art show. I love your work and have bought 2 of your pictures.I told you about the dream I had. It reminds me of yout art work. It wasa pleasure tslking to you.

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