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The Blotter Magazine features Drink Me by Mezzanine February 2015

Drink Me by Mezzanine (Mezza9) is the featured

cover art for The Blotter, February 2015




Mezza9 Coloring Book

Cover of Mezza9 Coloring Book
Cover of Mezza9 Coloring Book

Kowalski Fairy Girl Kowalski Pupet Festival Mezza9_insideback

Brand New!

Mezza9 Coloring Book – Features original art by Mezza9 in a fun coloring format. For all ages. 16 Pages. 8″x7″

A Studio Nebulon Publication

Available at Independent Stores and Booksellers Nationwide. Merchants wishing to carry this coloring book, please email:

Including: Pomegranate Books, Wilmington, North Carolina

Lantana’s Gallery, Southport, North Carolina

Button Up, Ohio

Artful Living Group, Carolina Beach, North Carolina

and on