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Mezzmerizd: Dreaming Awake June 18 Carrboro, NC

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An evening of fine art and flow art!

BIG Show! Tickets on Sale now! Want to do something different? This is it! Live performance by Christine Geiger of NYC and aerial theater by Cirqusoria! starring Serena of Delaware. One night only! Champagne intermission in the fine art gallery with art of the performers and more  by Mezza9.

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Blissful World of Motion: Mezzanine prepares last art show for Wilmington

Blissful World of Motion: Mezzanine prepares last art show for Wilmington

Blissful World of Motion: Mezzanine prepares last art show for Wilmington


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Chet Fisher’s newly reopened Era Gallery on the corner of Castle and 3rd sets itself apart. Its white exterior exudes an almost church-like presence. As someone who has been worshipping at the altar of art for several years, Fisher’s gallery is simply ethereal. The natural light illuminates the space and gives the artwork an otherworldly glow. With a very modern approach to living and business, Fisher maintains a gallery space in the front of the store and resides in the back. Delineating space with floor-to-ceiling beige curtains creates a sense that the gallery is floating.


For Era’s second show, Fisher will highlight a dear friend’s art work. Mezzanine—formerly known as Wendy Kowalski—and Fisher have known each other since 2005. This will be her last show locally before she moves to Santa Cruz to further pursue her artistic endeavors.


Entitled “Mezzmerizd: Dreaming Awake,” the exhibitionwill feature Mezzanine’s whimsical and mesmerizing paintings of circus performers and dancers, as well as a new 12-foot piece entitled “Chrysalis.” In Chrysalis, Mezzanine depicts women hanging from chords, which are meant to be cocoons. The painting seemingly represents transformation—especially personal transformation experienced by Mezzanine herself.

After studying to be a writer at University of Connecticut, Mezzanine moved to NYU where she began to frequent Webster Hall, a nightclub that had trapeze and dance performers. She became interested in their motions and saw similarities of the drama of a circus in everyday people. “Life is constantly in motion and that’s what I want to paint,” Mezzanine explains.

Her career interest as an artist grew after a friend asked her to read poetry at an event. “I started to create artwork to accompany my writing,” Mezzanine says. “I began to realize that I could better connect with people by creating works of art. Art became my narrative and my writing naturally evolved into paintings.”

A renewal of self led her to a new moniker, too: Mezzanine. “A mezzanine is an in-between space in architecture,” she explains. “For me it is the blissful place when creating art and poetry.”

Self-taught, Mezzanine’s detailed work is an impressionistic, colorful and blissful world of motion. The close relationships she culled with circus performers are apparent. “‘Dreaming Awake’ is when life is alive, hypnotic and magical,” she states. “It is heightened senses when the colors of a painting vibrate with such intensity as to be mesmerizing.”

Often using simple colors, attention to Mezzanine’s form and lines are allowed to shine. Her work possesses a fluidity evocative of art-deco artists, such as Alphonese Mucha, who, much like Mezzanine, were inspired by circus performers.

Very connected to her work, Mezzanine sees herself as a creative vessel to translate the narratives of universal, nonverbal language. “The artist makes a covenant between the visible plane [and] the invisible plane that runs behind the scenes,” she expands. Like her name, when she paints she is transported to another realm, a state of otherworldliness. Her figures reflect the purity of time and space. “When I paint these large scale works I move into a space of transcendence, moving to music, letting the figures and the floating elements come through me,” she says. “I speak, cry, dance with the painting until the figures breathe. I intend the viewer to be transported to this space I call ‘Nebulon.’”

Mezzanine’s figures breathe off the canvas. The effect that her work has on viewers is reflective of the new life Era is experiencing, as well as a spiritual and even religious power that art possesses.

In conjunction with her exhibition at Era, Mezzanine will have an exhibition at the Art Center of Carrboro which will also feature performers who inspired her work. From Cirquesora!, these entertainers will be performing with fire during a theater night on June 18th. The show will also feature the work of a New York performer, Christine Geiger.

“Mezzmerizd: Dreaming Awake” will be on display at Era through June 5th. For more information visit Era’s facebook page and for more information at the Carrboro performances.



Mezzmerizd: Dreaming Awake

Art by Mezzanine
Hanging through June 5th
Era Gallery • 523 3rd Street

swimming with the infinite top swimming with the infinite full this one

(Artist’s note: I have applied for a show at the Cameron Art Museum… and I don’t recall saying this was my last Wilmington show… but sure is a rare one!! And yes I am moving to Santa Cruz, California!!) Also the act of becoming in Divine Chrysalis {painting} is a universal act of becoming, more than a personal one.


Thank you Sarah Richter for writing this article. Blessings for you!

Star News Online 2011

Star News Online 2011


A look back at 10 local art triumphs

Published: Wednesday, December 28, 2011 at 9:37 a.m.
Last Modified: Wednesday, December 28, 2011 at 9:37 a.m.

This year was filled with intriguing installations, impressive murals, emerging artists and new art collectives of young and ambitious creatives working together.

Of course, there’s no way to sum up the entire art community with a top 10 list, so I won’t try. Instead, these are 2011’s exhibitions that best pulled together a collection of art to create a unique and cohesive experience.

10. ‘A Wild Assortment of Faces,’ Michelle Connolly’s Solo Show at 621N4TH

Michelle Connolly had her first big solo show at 621N4Th in February. More than 140 of her mixed-media paintings – portraits of animals and people that express a childlike playfulness with material and subject – were displayed together to create a concoction that was one part American South, one part tribal Africa and one part aboriginal outback with a dash of music to taste.

9. Tranport to Nebulon in ‘Amplify – Kowalski Paintings, Drawings, Sculpture, Kinetics and More’ at WHQR’s MC Erny Gallery

With receptions that featured electronic music and stilt-dancing flash mobs, Wendy Kowalski used all her resources to transport gallery-goers to Nebulon, the zero-gravity world within her multi-paneled s’fumato paintings where strawberries, jellyfish and skymaids all float with underwater grace through surreal skyscapes.

8. ‘Teacups and Sunsets,’ Gabriel Lehman at Bottega and One Wicked Gallery

In April, Gabriel Lehman did something sort of bold and unheard of: In addition to taking up the majority of Bottega’s wall space with a solo exhibition, Lehman also filled the walls of One Wicked Gallery with his cool-toned plaster paintings of spindly characters that reside in topsy-turvy treetop homes and soar through the air via balloons and oversized teacups. It took two solo shows to introduce viewers to Lehmen’s emotive atmosphere of adventure, and it hardly put a dent in his prolific output.

7. The evolution of garment washing in ‘Laughing With Laundry,’ ACME Art

 Click the link for the full article.
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Aerial Hoop

Aerial Hoop

My lyra! Hung & getting taped at last!!






Time to buy Mayhem tickets!! It’s in Castle Hayne – close to Wilmington.

Bring your fire, music & art & badass self : ) for a weekend of self expression & joy!

Ticket site   Mayhem Discussion, rideshare, networking and planning group


Carnival of Dreams, Mar 15 at The Juggling Gypsy Cafe


Pre-sale Tickets available now



Carnival of Dreams 2013
All ages, public event
Friday, March 15, 2013
8 pm – 2 am
Admission: $7
The Juggling Gypsy Café
1620 Castle Street
Wilmington, NC, 28401

Carnival of Dreams is Wilmington’s chance to be a part of the circus and to support what is innovative in the art world: the odd, the beautiful, the grand scale, and what’s on Fire! in our own backyards.

Be a part of the carnival and throw flaming darts, have your Fortune told, jump on the Trampoline of Terror and enjoy the fire dancers and more at this fundraiser to assist participating artists in generating additional funding for the creation and execution of new and interactive public art.

Just added! Sideshows!!


Carnival of Dreams is Wilmington’s chance to be a part of the circus and to support what is innovative in the art world: the odd, the beautiful, the grand scale, and what’s on Fire! in our own backyards.

Carnival of Dreams 2013 is a fundraising event for artists of the Cape Fear area and beyond, to assist participating artists in generating additional funding for the creation and execution of new and interactive public art.

Artist Mezza9, describes Carnival of Dreams as “community building through art and an opportunity for individual expression where no idea is too wild!”

This one-day interactive event, open to the public, is held for the purpose of generating physical and financial resources for juried art projects. A flaming dart throw “Mr. Imagine’s Amazing Bizarrium Balloon Boom” and the Fortune Telling Confessional Booth are de rigueur. There is also rumored to be a trampoline of fire, a spinning wheel of death, sledgehammer and more in the works. The offerings at this event will be of similar ilk: carnival games with rewards by the community of artists, bohemians, fire spinners, sideshow performers, jugglers, singers, and belly dancers who frequent the Juggling Gypsy; making the entire event a colorful spectacle of the splendor of Wilmington’s Fringe. Translation: superb people watching!

This eclectic and energetic tribe invites the public not only to attend and view what‘s up-and-coming but also to participate: jump on the flaming trampoline, ride the enormous see-saw, throw the flaming darts to pop the balloons; and take your chances!

Although the primary placements of this art will be at two unique grassroots festivals in North Carolina, most of them are intended as public art and will have many innovative showings in the area over a lifespan. The value of public art to our community can not be underestimated. This event is a vehicle for generating the additional funding and manpower to generate the completion of projects that have been selected for their interactivity, innovation and general wow! factor by a jury of the artists’ peers.

This event is unique for its artists’ collaboration and community support. These artists support and encourage each other. As public art projects, there’s not likely a monetary or consumer goal for the creators. Instead the art is fueled by passions and convictions that the world can be our design. The grand scale of the projects lend them ultimately to the possibility of travel to Burning Man.

Art and Artists:

These enigmatic and talented artists have conjured and are spearheading this event. They have diverse backgrounds but share common values of decommodification, sustainability, regeneration and practice the 10 principles set forth by Burning Man.

Each artist is available for interview. To give a taste of what will be offered, we offer you some highlights:

Balloon Boom
Balloon Boom, Mr. Imagine’s Amazing Bizarrium, and Sebastian Gomez of Creative Flame

Armed with a blow horn and fiery darts, Bizarre Entertainment will showcase their pyrotechnics with the crowd pleasing game “Balloon Boom”, an elemental inspired carnival game part of Mr. Imagines Amazing Bizarrium. Spectators will be dazzled by the lady of the house Lacey Blaze, to take a try at popping the balloons with darts of fire. Every balloon popped will help with the creation of new games and rides for Mr. Imagines Amazing Bizarrium.
Donations to construct Mr. Imagines Amazing Bizarrium can be paid directly through PayPal at

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Jessica Foote ( Lacey Blaze) teamed with Jason Barbour, are professional fire manipulation performers and founders of Bizarre Entertainment, an eccentric collection and assortment of captivating entertainers specializing in sideshow and fire performance arts since 2005. Based Wilmington and performing all over North Carolina for various venues and festivals, they began their idea if an interactive performance sideshow that

“allowed us to tamper with the very thread that binds your wildest imagination and your greatest fears” – Lacey Blaze

Wilmington’s fringe pioneer, extraordinary-world reknown juggling and fire performer and head gypsy at the Juggling Gypsy, Sebastian Gomez ignites his prospective donors with the flaming Trampoline of Terror – its premier public trial.

bash balance
Sebastian Gomez

Sebastian (Bash) Gomez has attached fire to over 30 separate juggling apparatus, including some more nonconventional items…Some of which include the Maori Fire Chains, A 6′ Fire Staff, a Flaming balancing chair, Fire eating torches, and fire diabolo. He created his own performance troupe, Creative Flame Company, which has attracted attention from international clients & festivals.
In 2004, having performed feats of fire throughout 20 countries including the Middle East, most of North America, Europe, Mexico and the Carribbean, and always in search of a new challenge, Sebastian partnered with friend and coperformer, Marcy Whipkins to create A second Base near The east Coast Film Studios in Wilmington, NC. They created a Circus arts and musical entertainment venue called the Juggling Gypsy, which is still in operation to this day, attracting music, cirque, and fringe entertainment acts from across the world.


His passion for the combustible arts has recently led him into Creating flammable propane-based stationary art, music-reactive fire apparatus, firewalking, and Pyrotechnic / Fireworks displays and manipulation.

Artist Mezza9
Artist Mezza9

Studio Nebulon presents fine art visionist painter, Mezza9’s “Pollen Path: Beehive Discoballs” fundraiser: a Fortune Telling Confessional Booth. Unload your baggage and misdoings in the confessional or have your fortune revealed by a madman, um, shaman.

Mezza9 will be painting live. Chance to win an original work with $20 raffle tickets for the finished art.

Mezza9 on stilts at Cameron Art Museum
Mezza9 on stilts at Cameron Art Museum

Stilt dancer, too, Mezza9 will be on hand to talk about the Beehive Discoball project that has been a two year journey so far.

The Beehive Disco Balls
bring an element of her paintings into 3-dimensions in a glowing, spinning interactive lighting to dance under. Her fundraising benefits the lighting mechanisms and transportation of six foot tall, space-age and steam-punk, Buckminster Fuller inspired disco balls made of aluminum and repurposed metals. These have received Creativity Grants and a successful Kickstarter.

This grand scale public art brings environmental awareness of the importance of bees and the glitz of the disco together with the strongest building block in nature: the hexagon. Buckminster Fuller himself would have supported this strange marriage of things. and on Kickstarter:

Sideshow Joe LoRusso
Sideshow Joe LoRusso

Sideshow Joe LoRusso, inventor of the UFO flying, spinning, fire machines, which are currently under patent consideration and pending kickstarter funding will be onsite demonstrating his firespinning and metallic drums.

Live project on Kickstarter:

“This fire toy is in a category of its own. Part rope dart, part Frisbee, part yo-yo. This flow toy works upon the principles of gyroscopic motion.”

More artists & their projects TBA.


special guest


Watch this post for updates.

CARNIVAL OF DREAMS 2013. Deadline for application is March 3rd. The concept is simple. A carnival style event where the general public comes to participate in carnival style games for a small fee per play. They support your project by playing your game. At your area, you do not have to have your finished project ready. Think scale model, artistic rendition, skeleton frame, etc, that you can show the people who may wish to support your project.

Link to application: Carnival Of Dreams: Application Guideline


There will be fire dance performances throughout the evening. Music. Mayhem.

Donate Now

Can’t attend or want to donate to these projects collectively? Donations accepted by Pay Pal to

Corporate sponsors write to

For information and interviews of the artists, contact:

Jessica Foote ( Lacey Blaze) and Jason Barbour, Bizarre Entertainment,

Sebastian Gomez 310-720-7201,
Mezza9 910 515 1328,

Advertisements Spore comes to Wilmington, NC!



Today I am officially starting an Evolver spore in Wilmington, NC. I love the beauty of the earth and want to be very conscious about what I put out into the world. If you feel the same, read on to find out more about why I have decided to start this Evolver spore. And even better – get involved.

There will be events! You CAN get involved! I believe a committee will form — we will all be beautiful and informed and ready to put out into the world that which we believe to be good!!


Some of the more juicy questions on the application to be a “sporeganizer”.

W h y d o y o u w a n t t o s t a r t u p a n E v o l v e r S p o r e i n y o u r a r e a ?

I believe. I’m awake. I want to put into the world what I believe is to be good and intelligent and worthwhile to expanding our consciousness, improving our behavior, etc. Seems it’d be better to offer the choices rather than to be preaching them or trying to convert folk. I mean the choices to learn about sacred medicines, energy work, yoga, sustainability,and our lovely speakers like Alan Watts, Daniel Pinchbeck, Terrence McKenna and the visual artists. And just the general spiritual wellness and idea of infinity and one love. Those big ideas that it’s taken me time to realize not everyone is down with them. This geographic area has some interest, but it really needs more awareness events that combine art, circus/flow arts, music,spirituality. I am an artist and all about this combination. We have a college here, and the beach, and a place to meet up – the Juggling Gypsy.


4 . W h a t a r e y o u p a s s i o n a t e a b o u t ?

“…events that combine art, circus/flow arts, music,spirituality. I am an artist and all about this combination.” The natural world, circus, healthy eating, loving, creating unique art events, painting, intellectualism/philosophy, twirling, fire spinning, stilt dancing, running, hoop dance and aerial hoop… sustainability…”

8 . N a m e o n e o r t w o p r o j e c t s o r e v e n t s y o u d l i k e t o s t a r t i n y o u r a r e a ?

I have a kickstarter grant to create Beehive Discoballs – they have a launch party …in Durham, NC where I have contacts and close friends. It has several components: daytime workshops in energy work, breath work, yoga, sustainability, flow arts, cirque performance… visionary art show …and a party under the disco balls at night.

Locally I’d like to have meet ups at the Juggling Gypsy. Workshops in energy work, speakers on all of the psychedelic topics, sustainability, energy, sacred geometry etc.

And I desparately want more healing/breathing energy playshops happening during my art events.

Bringing Evolver here will help bring the channelers, the sacred geometry, the Steiners out I hope.

9 . I t s t h e y e a r 2 0 2 0 a n d y o u r e E v o l v e r r e g i o n a l h a s b e e n v e r y s u c c e s s f u l o v e r t h e l a s t t e n y e a r s . I n a p a r a g r a p h , p l e a s e d e s c r i b e w h a t y o u r c o m m u n i t y n o w l o o k s l i k e t h a n k s t o t h e f a b u l o u s w o r k o f y o u r r e g i o n a l .

Our kids are teenagers and involved with Evolver. They are aware of a bigger community and we are all less other and more of what is acceptable as far as lifestyle choices. This is already happening with this generation – I am optimistic.

I see so many beautiful people at music festivals who live in Love & Light. So many artists creating from this source and doing live painting, sharing, and concerned for the environment. They are aware of a collective consciousness. They are the folk who are cultivating this society of acceptance and humaness, I believe. The coming generation is very positive.

Evolver will have larger group participation and a meeting place and a focus. The artists and philosophers will have more to talk about than their next show or next bev from the bar. There will be intelligent expansion of thought and a chill / more spiritual place for those seeking light and heart opening. The dread headed folk will lead community events and be impowered to make decisions in the community instead of being on the fringe or alone.

Beyond justifying belief systems, I would hope it’d be a resource, and a central meeting place for discussion. A place for introducing folks to things they may or may not have thought about before and a place of light.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Alex Grey in Atlanta by Area 51 is the type of visionary event that I am bringing to Durham with the fabulous help of SpinningHeadsEvents under the coordination of Brooke Buchanan. I am thrilled at the potential of’s involvement with this event.

More TBA for sure!!


Mezza9 with Alex & Allyson Grey

While I see tremendous value in festivals; we don’t live there. We take some of what we experience back into the world. The same is true of art shows, and performance, and spiritual retreats. That is why I have included pics of my son in the slideshow… we live here… in our hearts. He is who propels me to take on this new role as an act of love.

I follow a long line of painters who were activists. Frida Kahlo, especially I admire and have emulated in some aspects; she was very passionate about her politics, as well as a dynamic figure and painter who really poured her soul into her work.

I feel blessed to take this path.

♡¸.*¨*✫♡LOVE ~♡¸.*¨*✫♡ one love ~♡¸.*¨*✫♡ ONE LOVE ♡¸.*¨*✫♡~
♡¸.*¨*✫♡ MEZZA9 ~♡¸.*¨*✫♡LOVE ~♡¸.*¨*✫♡ one love ~♡¸.*¨*✫♡ ONE LOVE ♡¸.*¨*✫♡~

durham news observer eno 2012


oh my


Hooping from the Hoop’s point of view at Burning Man


Alex and Alyson Grey, and Stilt Dancing at Area 51 visionary art event in Atlanta

~~~~ MEZZA9 on STILTS ~~~~

Hey dear ones!   I am eKstatic to be performing on stilts with my hoops at this event!
I went last year and danced among the jellyfish and the aerial performers. Just amazing. Indoor/outdoor setting in Atlanta was super fun. Got to hang with the lovely Jaime Chandra and met some great folk, including the beautiful Ste-fuh-nee. And danced the night away to one of my fave DJ’s, “Medisin”.  I could go on… great fire spinning by InSpiral… wonder-full… oh yeah, and there’s these amazing artists there… ALEX & ALLYSON GREY

Have a blessed day and hope to see you inn Atlanta!

Alex Poster August 2011 Front
  • SATURDAY @ The QUAD 7pm to 6am
  • Buy your advance tickets here:
    Alex & Allyson Grey visit Atlanta to celebrate their 2nd Annual Visionary Arts Fair of Atlanta. Come join Area 51 Presents for a night of visionary art, live paintings and performances, live music bands, food and fun.

    Alex and Allyson Grey are internationally known visionary artists. Their paintings are powerful, complex and evoke a deep, positive resonance in viewers. Don’t miss this opportunity to share in a truly inspiring visionary event.
    Jonathan Talat Phillips: author of “The Electric Jesus: The Healing Journey of a Contemporary Gnostic,” cofounder of The Evolver Network and Reality Sandwich. He will present “Aliens, Ayahuasca, & The Ancient Mysteries.”

Full Day & Night Indoor/Outdoor event.
Location: Friday Oct 19 / 8pm to 2am
King Plow Arts Center
887 West Marietta Street Northwest Atlanta, GA 30318
QUAD: Sat Oct 20 / 7pm to 6am
714 Spring Street NW, Atlanta GA 30308

ART BAZAAR, food, fun and performances. Plan to stay all day and all night, it will be worth it!!
TICKETS GOING ON SALE NOW!!__home/events/tickets
Friday Sept 19 King Plow
Sat Sept 20 Quad
2 Day Passes
Alex and Allyson Grey

Keith Prossick
Cynthia Rose Young
Graham Thomas
Aesthetic Cataclysm
World Body Painting Champions – Scott Fray & Foxy Moxy
Neon Armour
Jonathan Singer – Live Visual Artist –
Aesthetic Cataclysm – VJ –
Eli Reiman
Nicole Tierra
Melissa Coffey
Sky Gym’s McKinley
Imperial OPA
Elemental Expressions – fire troop from Miami
Howie the Great – magician

Sensua Players – Atlanta

Chronicles Of LandSquid
Woven Tounges
Dixon’s Violin
Shroeder Von Litchka!home/mainPage
Astarius Miraculii
Mithra (w/members of Isness)
Bouncy House
Swami Gone Bananas
DJ So Fly
The Expand Band
Copius Jones
Twisted Enigma
Groove Stain
Justin Majors
Dharma Bombs
Tem Noon
Cristal Arcade

Partners: Evolver Atlanta, Evolver Asheville, & Reality Sandwich
Many more to be announced!
Costumes and participation is Requested
Get your tickets here:

Area 51 Website Header 2011


About Area 51 Presents

        Dave & Sugar with Space weapons
Dave & Sugar’s AREA 51 has been THE place to be at festivals all over America for over 10 years. Now they bring their magic directly to you!


Mezza9 Stilt Dancing Contact


Fundraiser Party Announced!



AMPLIFY made top 10 events in Wilmington 2011!

So happy that this event made the top 10! I couldn’t have done a thing without the folks from Chalk, The Juggling Gypsy, Jamie Poletti of Strength and Elegance, Marie Waters bellydancer, Charlie Rosser secret helper, NPR lovelies, Gemela Erickson, and the beats of the DJ’s, Chris Corsello, and Wes Shipley who kept the event movin!

Somehow the taping and photos that NPR took didn’t come out : (

It was fun to have all of the spinners and a unicyclist even come out for the event. If you have any photos, sure would love to see them!


Durham Craft Market Saturday Dec 3 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Admittedly, I am presently confused about the shows in Durham this Saturday. I might be posting the wrong name and wrong image… but my intention at the moment is to be at Vega Metals along with other artists… I will bring some paintings including originals on paper and Orchard / apple pieces of magic and trees (childhood!!)… if there are any special requests; hit me up. : )

Hello friends,
Start planning now for the best DURHAM CRAFT MARKET Holiday show and Block Party! We are partnering with Fullsteam Brewery (buy a beer and shop at the Trotter Bldg.), Motorco Music Hall (artists, food trucks, music), Central Park School (baked goods and art) and See Saw Studio (art):

Where: Trotter Bld. (410 West Geer ST at the corner of Foster); look for the signs
When Dec 3, 10am to 3:30
Why: Support local artists with a one of a kind gift and have some FUN!


Nebulon Retreat for Artists and Writers

Moonrise, street view from cottage looking toward boardwalk. Nebulon Retreat for Artists and Writers is 3 blocks from the boardwalk. Summertime features fireworks each Thursday night with free live music concert and carnival; arcade at the boardwalk. Fall and Winter are peaceful.




Feel free and easy at this beach cottage where you can reinvigorate your writing and art. Weekly and weekend rentals available. It is frugally furnished. This is a sanctuary for creative living.

Unique location offers peace, privacy and amenities: a market, coffee house, oyster bar, bars, Havannas Restaurant and beautiful Carolina beach. Go to the North end for off roading with 4×4, kayak launch, fishing. Go south on the island to Fort Fisher, the aquarium, ferry to Southport and dramtic sunsets where the Cape Fear River and ocean meet up. Carolina Beach features a State Park that is the second home in the world to Venus Flytrap. There is a quaint Public Library directly across the street and a copy shop within walking distance.

The cottage has three bedrooms. Two are ready for you. One is specifically a children’s room. The door could easily be shut on this room if that is distracting. Or bring your child. Pet friendly too. One Sealy king bed, one queen, sofa has pull out sleeper.

There is a rustic screened porch which is favored for painting and ocean air. The house is set far enough from the road to play music as you wish without disturbing neighbors. One drawing table, a paint friendly kitchen table and writing desk are available. Tether your own WIFI, use the local cafe or library for online services. There is no television, computer, or cable service provided. Upright piano tba.

There is central A/C, dishwasher, modest linens and cookware. Gorgeous juicer.

Burning Man rules apply here. Leave no trace. Use what you need but replace what you should. Guests are asked to respect the edible gardens and to not Moop… leave matter out of place.

Give yourself the gift of time and the beautiful ocean as your backdrop. There are plenty of walking, biking, running excursions to keep your body as fit as your mind. The local rec center offers hoop and other fit classes. Come stay at this artist’s home and create or recharge.  Applications are reviewed ongoing and you will be notified if your dates are available.  We do not book multiple people in the house unless a group applies; so the space is yours to use as you see fit. The space has a bright, cheery, eclectic beach energy and we hope our guests will supply the same. Deposits are due upon acceptance.

Current Rates:
Weekend: $120.00 per night. Weekly: $400.00. There can be other exchanges too… $50 lawn or garden care credit. Currently the gardens are in need of heavier labor. If that is your forte, please let us know. Inquire or submit your idea.

Current Monthly Rates:
$1400.00 per month. Months include: October, November, December, April, May, July, August, September

Application Process:
Fill out application in its entirety. Residencies for artists and writers are only considered with an application and proof of artistry such as website or printed article featuring your creations. Submit application. We will contact you asap. Direct inquiries to


LEAF Ticket up for grabs in exchange for Labor!!


This Fall Lake Eden Arts Festival I am offering an assistant position. Free entrance to festival! Your tasks include: Keeping caffeine supplied thruout the festival, sales at the Kowalski art booth *which will be located lakeside near the art cars* on Friday eve from 5 to 9 pm, occasional trips to assist in solutions to any dilemmas which could be light bulbs left in parking lot kind of dilemmas, set up help: specifically helping to secure tent walls, weighting tent and lighting on Friday and tent and display breakdown on Sunday. Hit me up via email if interested:


2 upcoming shows…In Wilmington!! You’re Invited!

Kowalski Paintings,
Drawings, Sculpture,
Kinetics and More.

July 22 to Ocotober 7, 2011

Receptions 6 to 9 pm

Kowalski Paintings,
Drawings, Sculpture,
Kinetics and More.

July 22 to Ocotober 7, 2011

Receptions 6 to 9 pm

Pole Art & Popsicles Jamie Poletti, Strength & Elegance July 22
Circus Conspiracy Film Clips & Flip Books August 26
Carnival Finale! Paige LaWall hoops, Poi, Acroyoga-Jugglers Acro Entertainment Sept 23 Stiltdancer Flashmob Sept 23 5 pm sharp sidewalk in front of whqr

91.3 fm WHQR NPR, 254 N. Front St Wilmington, NC 28401,
Pole Art & Popsicles Jamie Poletti, Strength & Elegance July 22
Circus Conspiracy Film Clips & Flip Books August 26
Carnival Finale! Paige LaWall hoops, Poi, Acroyoga-Jugglers Acro Entertainment Sept 23 Stiltdancer Flashmob Sept 23 5 pm sharp sidewalk in front of whqr

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visionary painter… thoughts at 4 a.m.

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“I’m asked a lot if I were ever in the circus or have I seen Cirque de Soleil… no. I did hang out at Webster Hall in NYC when I was in college and was wowed then by the trapeze artists going overhead, the drag shows, and the vibe of electronica. I was aware of Studio 54. Much later, my friends in Durham and Raleigh DJ’d,created spectacular events and spun fire….I was introduced to the Rave scene and briefly worked as a lousy bartender painted patrons using vodka and Grenadine… My tribe friends along with street performers in Barcelona took me back to night club fantasticness and musical bliss and that is the root of my inspiration. I like puppets too and how our disbelief is suspended.
I am still galvanized by dear tribal friends whose belief that this life can be amazing; which pushes me to achieve amazement. More so this year than ever I am obsessed with sketching and painting. I can not go without being in a state I call ” in the paint” . It is not escapism, rather it is being super-present. At its best it is manic and pure. I feel as if some’thing’ else is painting. I physically do not exist. I begin to channel. When the paint flows like this, not only do the figures become made of light but they exude it.In this way I have begun to call myself a visionary artist. Allison Grey said to paint the ‘most important thing’ and for me that thing is wonder and love and I strive to convey that in my work.”


Riding Tandem with Rummage Sale Wigs

Grab your wig and come on out for a Fire and Art show at Porters Neck Yoga! Fire spinning by one of the best around, M.A.R.K. Friends for life, Christy Rae (Raleigh) and Wendy Kowalski (local) showing new experimental art. Would love your help in spreading the word…
see facebook / wendy kowalski / christy rae for open invitation… or just come 🙂 smiles and love for you!!! 
Riding Tandem In Rummage Sale Wigs – Art Opening
Wendy Kowalski
Christy Rae

Friday, March 25 · 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Porters Neck Yoga and Spa
8044 Market Street
Wilmington, NC

Throw together a night of art — artists — fire — balancing and even a bit of yoga…

What do you get?


It’s a movement – people!

Swoosh, bang, flutter and flicker – people are stacked on top of and flying
through the air — are never still and often exploring — sometimes
exploding!! And all of this is ultimately caught by the lens of a
camera — the rapid quick sketch of a pencil — or the stroke of a

Our world is a constantly evolving circus — we are blessed to have
inspiration at our very fingertips always! What has developed over
the years is a partnership of lifestyle — where our lives are our art…

We stage random events — heck — that’s a lie – we just tell our friends
to put on their fripperies and stand still — sometimes they even stand still!
And the results we are happy to unleash for you and make it the most random
of art show ever…

These are our friends – our family – and they are our very essence
that brings us this lovely tandemonium! And now we invite you to
share this art / life / experience with us…

Wendy Kowalski quested deeper into the worlds of loving and in between
to bring us new versions of Nebulon — deeper into the wilderness
where the circus figures are more creatures of light inhabiting
Nebulon where the boundaries between Gaia, sky land and sea are

First showing of The Wilderness: stilt walkers on bikes was
painted with little eyesight and light in a (sometimes frightening)
journey toward trust. “The pieces are transformative, an awakening, a dawn of a new consciousness…”

She was inspired by the green movement and creative wheelers at Burning Man. She has been trying to figure out too the lure of Buckminster Fuller’s hexagons. It has been said that writing a novel is about the writer’s search for identity… these paintings have pulled the painter closer to understanding and acceptance of her identity.
“I battled with my worst illness ever this winter and returning to the paint in Jan and Feb was a rebirth. I really wanted to flow with the paint. It is so wonderful to feel like, oh, I ? painted that. I surmised that Monet felt his way to an understanding of light and that his later years were very much blind. He was trusting the mind to recreate the play of light on his garden that he knew so well. I felt this great joy one morning watching the moon with my dog at the waterlilly pond at Duke Gardens… Don’t tell, but we were there before hours and it felt monumental. Sunrises do that. I am just behind the mask. A visionary artist in this regard.”

In early 2010 a couple told me of their experience in tandem bike races. They described that riding tandem was the pre-marriage test for them. And they had been together since for 2 decades! Riding Tandem. Pedaling bikes in tandem is one of the hardest feats. The front peddler
must exhibit strength and direction, while the back peddler must have trust and epic
intuitive communication. Tandem occurs too between artists of music/DJs, dance and
disciplinary arts including hoop dance, stilt dance, aerial hoop and acro-yoga, performance,
photography… Tandem too is the beautiful twin sisterhood that runs Porter’s Neck Yoga.

Two Wheeler Dealer owner, Jim, will be loaning his tandem bike for us to pet the night of the show. So cool of him.

Kowalski Paintings are at times inspired from the photography of Christy Rae…

Christy Rae’s photography is inspired by the circus world we live in –
everything is always a swirl of movement and excitement…
And she always has a camera on hand to capture it!
Images in black and white as well as a new catalog of ‘SteamPunkery’ images
will be on hand to show you the amazing universe we use to keep our art flowing…

Please join us as we bring our latest and greatest creations to you…

We bring to you Art By:
Wendy Kowalski (

older but slightly interesting stuff:

Christy Rae (

Fire Performance by:
Mark Karavan  (amazing and Burning Man award winning!)


Porters Neck Yoga
8044 Market Street
Wilmington NC


Location:Porters Neck Yoga and Spa
Time:6:00PM Friday, March 25th
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previous show at the neck: