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Mezzmerizd: Dreaming Awake June 18 Carrboro, NC

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An evening of fine art and flow art!

BIG Show! Tickets on Sale now! Want to do something different? This is it! Live performance by Christine Geiger of NYC and aerial theater by Cirqusoria! starring Serena of Delaware. One night only! Champagne intermission in the fine art gallery with art of the performers and more  by Mezza9.

Buy Tickets Now


Art Reception Chakras Spa, Greensboro First Friday, February 7 – Mezza9 with Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands

Watch for Art Preview tba by this Tuesday!


Friday, February 7

7-10 p.m. as part of the vibrant First Friday art walk in historic, downtown Greensboro, NC


An evening reception of New Work and artist engagement with

special performance by Crystal Bright and Silver Hands

Chakras Spa

(336) 272-0862

About the artists:


Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands

Please see the Chakras Spa website for more information. Here is one photo of this tranquility sanctuary in the heart of Greensboro. Chakras is an amazingly beautiful space of serenity of 12,000 sqft, 4 floors in the heart of Greensboro, NC.



“Drink Me” Art in Progress

and now hanging at Chakras Spa

 This piece of art progressed immensely and it’s intricacy became mesmerizing. I hope you enjoy the photos of its progression.

Admittedly I have been secluded in a cabin outside of Asheville, NC this winter. . I hibernated and thought about what matters.

On days when I did venture out, I ran with two black dogs to the creek and meditated there while the dogs nosed about. The sound of water began to permeate my heart.  The color of the bark – it’s mauves made of blues and reds vibrated.

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In this new painting, the girl perched on the left is Wonder, and her counterpart is Love. Together they have opened the portals of their heart minds to create a Waterfall. Originally the man kissing below had skirty pants on.. that developed into a garment of water. The water developed more into the sound of the creek and the flow of the water of life, which in paint translated into a waterfall. The figures transformed into the essence of  the free-fall of love.

The painting support grew from18″ x 24″ to 88″ x 82″ tall with many multi-leveled panels.

The musical soundscape had some variation but was dominated by two artists: Skrillex and Kaminanda . Kaminanda’s delicious video of people dancing without inhibition at Symbiosis captures the love of life and the dance.  Please watch it. The topless girl has fantastic energy for sure —  but do you see the snake??


Patika Starr put together an amazing reception for First Friday in Greensboro. The art will be up until February 28 – beautiful large and tiny pieces as well as original sketches on paper, prints and coloring books seek a new home!

There are pics of the art here. (As well as pics of the wall sized art “Drink Me” in progress) Please contact the spa for availability, prices, and sizes. They take creit cards by phone. Free delivery within NC or pick up at the spa.

There is a beautiful piece of Wilderness with a lotus flower that I’m surprised has not found a home yet. You can see this piece behind Marcia Meyers and I as we play around with her “Fascinators”.

I’m very grateful to the owner Timothy and to Rachel at the spa for a delightful facial … this is an ahhhhh… place, relaxing and rejuvinating for sure! Everyone was genuinely lovely.
~ Thank you so much for a wonderful experience.
Love, Mezzanine

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Going to Fall LEAF – Lake Eden Arts Festival?


Fall Painting


Sunday 11:15 – noon Lakeside Stage field near Flagpole


The visionist figure painterMezza9 will lead this playshop through a couple of exercises designed to get the mind into flow; an effective source for creation. Painting supplies provided. No painting experience neccessary. Wear clothes you can move in and be prepared to be transformed. Mezza9 has been a painter of circus folk for over a decade.

A book of the artist’s images: MEZZA9 releases this Fall.

Pre-registration suggested but not required, stop by her booth on Lakeside Stage field.





Time to buy Mayhem tickets!! It’s in Castle Hayne – close to Wilmington.

Bring your fire, music & art & badass self : ) for a weekend of self expression & joy!

Ticket site   Mayhem Discussion, rideshare, networking and planning group


Carnival of Dreams in the Press

Article for Carnival of Dreams

Buy your ticket here. Please support this group of artists with your ticket purchase. It funds Public Art projects in your community.



Cirque Delights

Artist fund-raiser promises fire, stilts, live painting and more!


Carnival of Dreams Friday, March 15th, 8 p.m. • $7 Juggling Gypsy • 1612 Castle St.

STILT DANCER: Mezzanine Kowalski (with Jess James and Shannon Dunne) with stilt-dance at the Carnival of Dreams this Friday night at the Juggling Gypsy. Courtesy photo, Mezzanine Kowalski

STILT DANCER: Mezzanine Kowalski (with Jess James and Shannon Dunne) with stilt-dance at the Carnival of Dreams this Friday night at the Juggling Gypsy.  Photo credit: Leigh Moose for Side Yard Studios Photography.

The Juggling Gypsy’s reputation tends to fluctuate in this town. Labels like “hippie hookah place” or “burner dive bar” are pretty familiar to its staff. The old motto of the establishment was proudly known as “where the strange go to be normal,” and indeed the place has always drawn in a diverse crowd. But what remains is a love for creativity, and the “weird” need not be excluded.

“I love this place for a lot of reasons,” Angelo Lambiase, patron and founder of nonprofit organization Wheels That Heal, says. Lambiase has hosted numerous benefits in Wilmington through Wheels, an organization which raises money for cancer patients and the American Cancer Society through car shows and entertainment events. Among others, one of the venues Lambiase always feels he can turn to is the Gypsy.

“The culture it attracts is great,” he says, “but the people I’ve met here have been exceptional. This place has always shown immense support for our cause, and now I really want to give something back to this particular community.”

Teaming with Juggling Gypsy owner Sebastian Gomez, Lambiase and other local performers are collaborating on the Carnival of Dreams, a fund-raiser event for Cape Fear artists, or as active local painter Mezzanine Kowalski describes it: “Wilmington’s chance to be a part of the circus and to support what is innovative in the art world: the odd, the beautiful, the grand scale, and what’s on fire in our own backyards!”

With this fund-raiser, Gomez himself will participates in a fire performance on The Flaming Trampoline. He assures, while the name is somewhat self-explanatory, it is advisable to leave much open to imagination. “What we’re doing is kind of like a live Kickstarter,” Gomez continues. “There’s a community of artists that have great ideas for unique, interactive projects, and we want to see them come to life. The Carnival of Dreams will help these artists raise funds for their creative endeavors and also share with the public eye a culture that has influenced a lot of our work.”

State fairs and traveling circus shows will be the inspiration behind Carnival of Dreams—from nostalgia to brilliant, blinking lights, the pungent smell of funnel cake to the ecstatic screaming after winning a prize, the illuminated colors and dark pastel hues… Whether it’s a 4-year-old or a 40-year-old, there is wondrous appeal for all. Readily available will be a 30-foot inflatable slide and a moon bounce. There will be games, too, like Mr. Imagine’s Amazing Bizarrium Balloon Boom, a dart-throwing, balloon-popping game with a pyrotechnic touch, created by local fire cirque collective Bizarre Entertainment.

“I personally see it as Tim Burton’s Disneyland without the morbidity,” Lambiase laughs. “I think this event will not only help a lot of talented artists, but it’s going to be the best way to introduce the influential culture that has shaped them.The ultimate goal is to encourage creativity from our Wilmington community.”

Performers will abound: sideshow, magic, fire, musicians, DJs, jugglers, comics and all around “freaks.” Artist and performer Mezzanine Kowalski will be appearing as a stilt-walker and will be raffling off one of her live paintings to raise funds for all the participating artists.

“The Carnival of Dreams contains so many elements that I’m attracted to and that show up a lot in my artwork,” Kowalski says. “It appeals to my artistic sensibilities and I love that it’s carnival-based, involves interactive projects and brings the community together.”

Kowalski hopes the Carnival of Dreams will assist artists and also her steam-punk and R. Buckminster Fuller-inspired project: the Beehive Disco Ball, which will “bring an element of [her] paintings into three dimensions in a glowing, spinning interactive lighting to dance under.”

“Through my art, I wish to gather people together and ignite a sense of wonder of the natural world,” she says. “The Carnival of Dreams will promote participation from everyone, and I hope it will bring out people’s inner child.”

The Carnival of Dreams will begin at 8 p.m. this Friday and is open to all ages. Admission costs $7, which will go directly to support local artists in their upcoming interactive cirque-style projects. Tickets can be purchased the day of or at

When Lambiase and Gomez first started planning the initial concept for Carnival of Dreams, they wanted it to be a cancer benefit for the American Cancer Society, and to act as a memorial to Lambiase’s late sister, Anita, who lost her life during an arduous cancer battle. They have continued pursuing this avenue by doing a reprisal of the bohemian Carnival of Dreams on March 30th.

“For those who happen to miss the Carnival of Dreams this Friday, have no fear!” Lambiase states. “There will be another chance to experience the same atmosphere and fun at Anita’s tribute and cancer benefit [at the end of the month.] People will still be supporting the art scene here and at the same time, donating their time and funds to the American Cancer Society.”


Raffle Tickets available for Live Painting at Carnival of Dreams

Kowalski Poki the the Cover - smaller file

Buy Tickets Here! For Event and or Raffle:

(Winner does not need to be present.)

Raffle of an original painting by Mezza9! Painting to be done at The Carnival of Dreams, March 15, 2013 at The Juggling Gypsy Cafe, Wilmington, NC. 7 pm to 2 am. Med-Large painting, circus floating figure theme.

Raffle time TBA.

All proceeds go to support Pollen Path: Beehive Discoball project which is at its pinnacle moment of execution.

Live Painting Raffle at Carnival of Dreams

Mezza9 will be painting Live at The Carnival of Dreams on March 15 at the Juggling Gypsy in Wilmington, NC. The event benefits several creative ventures of public art that will travel to multiple cities and festivals.
The public art funded by The Carnival of Dreams includes Mezza9’s Beehive DiscoBalls which are due out for release 2013. This is a crucial time for making last minute funding to see this project through to the completion of 6 ft tall Beehive Disco Balls of conical and organic shapes with hexagons & lights galore. $3000 funding is needed.
You do not need to be present to win the raffle. The painting will likely be medium to large and of circus or floating figures.

For details on Pollen Path Beehive Discoballs go here:
For details on the Carnival go here:
Facebook event: Carnival of Dreams

Send $20 per ticket via Pay Pal to


Carnival of Dreams, Mar 15 at The Juggling Gypsy Cafe


Pre-sale Tickets available now



Carnival of Dreams 2013
All ages, public event
Friday, March 15, 2013
8 pm – 2 am
Admission: $7
The Juggling Gypsy Café
1620 Castle Street
Wilmington, NC, 28401

Carnival of Dreams is Wilmington’s chance to be a part of the circus and to support what is innovative in the art world: the odd, the beautiful, the grand scale, and what’s on Fire! in our own backyards.

Be a part of the carnival and throw flaming darts, have your Fortune told, jump on the Trampoline of Terror and enjoy the fire dancers and more at this fundraiser to assist participating artists in generating additional funding for the creation and execution of new and interactive public art.

Just added! Sideshows!!


Carnival of Dreams is Wilmington’s chance to be a part of the circus and to support what is innovative in the art world: the odd, the beautiful, the grand scale, and what’s on Fire! in our own backyards.

Carnival of Dreams 2013 is a fundraising event for artists of the Cape Fear area and beyond, to assist participating artists in generating additional funding for the creation and execution of new and interactive public art.

Artist Mezza9, describes Carnival of Dreams as “community building through art and an opportunity for individual expression where no idea is too wild!”

This one-day interactive event, open to the public, is held for the purpose of generating physical and financial resources for juried art projects. A flaming dart throw “Mr. Imagine’s Amazing Bizarrium Balloon Boom” and the Fortune Telling Confessional Booth are de rigueur. There is also rumored to be a trampoline of fire, a spinning wheel of death, sledgehammer and more in the works. The offerings at this event will be of similar ilk: carnival games with rewards by the community of artists, bohemians, fire spinners, sideshow performers, jugglers, singers, and belly dancers who frequent the Juggling Gypsy; making the entire event a colorful spectacle of the splendor of Wilmington’s Fringe. Translation: superb people watching!

This eclectic and energetic tribe invites the public not only to attend and view what‘s up-and-coming but also to participate: jump on the flaming trampoline, ride the enormous see-saw, throw the flaming darts to pop the balloons; and take your chances!

Although the primary placements of this art will be at two unique grassroots festivals in North Carolina, most of them are intended as public art and will have many innovative showings in the area over a lifespan. The value of public art to our community can not be underestimated. This event is a vehicle for generating the additional funding and manpower to generate the completion of projects that have been selected for their interactivity, innovation and general wow! factor by a jury of the artists’ peers.

This event is unique for its artists’ collaboration and community support. These artists support and encourage each other. As public art projects, there’s not likely a monetary or consumer goal for the creators. Instead the art is fueled by passions and convictions that the world can be our design. The grand scale of the projects lend them ultimately to the possibility of travel to Burning Man.

Art and Artists:

These enigmatic and talented artists have conjured and are spearheading this event. They have diverse backgrounds but share common values of decommodification, sustainability, regeneration and practice the 10 principles set forth by Burning Man.

Each artist is available for interview. To give a taste of what will be offered, we offer you some highlights:

Balloon Boom
Balloon Boom, Mr. Imagine’s Amazing Bizarrium, and Sebastian Gomez of Creative Flame

Armed with a blow horn and fiery darts, Bizarre Entertainment will showcase their pyrotechnics with the crowd pleasing game “Balloon Boom”, an elemental inspired carnival game part of Mr. Imagines Amazing Bizarrium. Spectators will be dazzled by the lady of the house Lacey Blaze, to take a try at popping the balloons with darts of fire. Every balloon popped will help with the creation of new games and rides for Mr. Imagines Amazing Bizarrium.
Donations to construct Mr. Imagines Amazing Bizarrium can be paid directly through PayPal at

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Jessica Foote ( Lacey Blaze) teamed with Jason Barbour, are professional fire manipulation performers and founders of Bizarre Entertainment, an eccentric collection and assortment of captivating entertainers specializing in sideshow and fire performance arts since 2005. Based Wilmington and performing all over North Carolina for various venues and festivals, they began their idea if an interactive performance sideshow that

“allowed us to tamper with the very thread that binds your wildest imagination and your greatest fears” – Lacey Blaze

Wilmington’s fringe pioneer, extraordinary-world reknown juggling and fire performer and head gypsy at the Juggling Gypsy, Sebastian Gomez ignites his prospective donors with the flaming Trampoline of Terror – its premier public trial.

bash balance
Sebastian Gomez

Sebastian (Bash) Gomez has attached fire to over 30 separate juggling apparatus, including some more nonconventional items…Some of which include the Maori Fire Chains, A 6′ Fire Staff, a Flaming balancing chair, Fire eating torches, and fire diabolo. He created his own performance troupe, Creative Flame Company, which has attracted attention from international clients & festivals.
In 2004, having performed feats of fire throughout 20 countries including the Middle East, most of North America, Europe, Mexico and the Carribbean, and always in search of a new challenge, Sebastian partnered with friend and coperformer, Marcy Whipkins to create A second Base near The east Coast Film Studios in Wilmington, NC. They created a Circus arts and musical entertainment venue called the Juggling Gypsy, which is still in operation to this day, attracting music, cirque, and fringe entertainment acts from across the world.


His passion for the combustible arts has recently led him into Creating flammable propane-based stationary art, music-reactive fire apparatus, firewalking, and Pyrotechnic / Fireworks displays and manipulation.

Artist Mezza9
Artist Mezza9

Studio Nebulon presents fine art visionist painter, Mezza9’s “Pollen Path: Beehive Discoballs” fundraiser: a Fortune Telling Confessional Booth. Unload your baggage and misdoings in the confessional or have your fortune revealed by a madman, um, shaman.

Mezza9 will be painting live. Chance to win an original work with $20 raffle tickets for the finished art.

Mezza9 on stilts at Cameron Art Museum
Mezza9 on stilts at Cameron Art Museum

Stilt dancer, too, Mezza9 will be on hand to talk about the Beehive Discoball project that has been a two year journey so far.

The Beehive Disco Balls
bring an element of her paintings into 3-dimensions in a glowing, spinning interactive lighting to dance under. Her fundraising benefits the lighting mechanisms and transportation of six foot tall, space-age and steam-punk, Buckminster Fuller inspired disco balls made of aluminum and repurposed metals. These have received Creativity Grants and a successful Kickstarter.

This grand scale public art brings environmental awareness of the importance of bees and the glitz of the disco together with the strongest building block in nature: the hexagon. Buckminster Fuller himself would have supported this strange marriage of things. and on Kickstarter:

Sideshow Joe LoRusso
Sideshow Joe LoRusso

Sideshow Joe LoRusso, inventor of the UFO flying, spinning, fire machines, which are currently under patent consideration and pending kickstarter funding will be onsite demonstrating his firespinning and metallic drums.

Live project on Kickstarter:

“This fire toy is in a category of its own. Part rope dart, part Frisbee, part yo-yo. This flow toy works upon the principles of gyroscopic motion.”

More artists & their projects TBA.


special guest


Watch this post for updates.

CARNIVAL OF DREAMS 2013. Deadline for application is March 3rd. The concept is simple. A carnival style event where the general public comes to participate in carnival style games for a small fee per play. They support your project by playing your game. At your area, you do not have to have your finished project ready. Think scale model, artistic rendition, skeleton frame, etc, that you can show the people who may wish to support your project.

Link to application: Carnival Of Dreams: Application Guideline


There will be fire dance performances throughout the evening. Music. Mayhem.

Donate Now

Can’t attend or want to donate to these projects collectively? Donations accepted by Pay Pal to

Corporate sponsors write to

For information and interviews of the artists, contact:

Jessica Foote ( Lacey Blaze) and Jason Barbour, Bizarre Entertainment,

Sebastian Gomez 310-720-7201,
Mezza9 910 515 1328,


Ecstasy in Water & Air, Feb 22, 6-9 ACES Gallery

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  • ACES Gallery

(Arts Council Exhibition Space)


221 N. Front St.

Wilmington, NC

Studio Nebulon presents

“Ecstasy in Water & Air”

You’re invited to a special reception for visionist artist Mezza9 on Friday, February 22, from 6:00-9:00 p.m. at ACES Gallery, 221 N. Front St.The opening will coincide with Wilmington’s Fourth Friday Gallery Night, when downtown galleries open their doors  to the public in an after-hours celebration of art and culture.             

Mezza9 creates large scale paintings of the human figure in flight.  A sense of light, movement and silence pervades many of these works, even those populated by her cirque figures in flight, acrobats, flow artists and dancers, suggesting the mood and tone associated with the paintings of the Impressionists. 

“My finished paintings are the narrative of movement of circus and flow artists that I want the world to see. They are strength, beauty and connectedness to source…The results are floaty, mysterious, and serendipitous paths to some discovery… At best, the finished paintings are the feeling of spinning and dancing, the feeling of freedom to travel from here to there, spontaneous collections of mysterious things, of our collective energy.”        Namaste, Mezza9

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The exhibit runs from January 25 through February 28, 2013

Special Performance by

Sideshow Joe

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ACES Gallery and STUDIO NEBULON PRESENT: Ecstasy in Air and Water

ACES Gallery

(Arts Council Exhibition Space)

221 N. Front St.

Wilmington, NC

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Studio Nebulon presents

“Ecstasy in Water & Air”

You’re invited to the opening reception for visionist artist Mezza9 on Friday, January 25, from 6:00-9:00 p.m. at ACES Gallery, 221 N. Front St.  The opening will coincide with Wilmington’s Fourth Friday Gallery Night, when downtown galleries open their doors to the public in an after-hours celebration of art and culture.             

Mezza9 creates large scale  paintings of the human figure in flight.  A sense of light, movement and silence pervades many of these works, even those populated by her cirque figures in flight, acrobats, flow artists and dancers, suggesting the mood and tone associated with the paintings of the Impressionists. 

The exhibit runs from January 25 through February 20, 2013. 


Spring 2012 Mo Linquist Writes Green Article about Mezza9 Kowalski Painting Techniques and Artful Living Group Artists Reception in Carolina Beach North Carolina

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Artful Living Group
Artists Reception Spring 2012 Green is where the Heart Is

“An artist, under pain of oblivion, must have confidence in himself, and listen only to his real master: Nature.” ~ Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Contributing Writer

The winter months found her in deep hibernation studying the works of Monet, Renoir, Degas and Manet. These masters taught her that it’s not about just copying the photos.
There is a poetry in selection of the paint – the flow of colors and light. Beings are light. The wonderment comes as the light in the painting appears from the figures. This is the Source of love.
She could also be seen running along the Cape Fear River where she found solace in nature waiting for Mother Gaia to wake up spring.
She gathered charcoal from the burnt forest, which she used for her primary sketches on upcycled cardboard. Nature empowered her, uplifting her spiritual connection.
During this bleak time of winter her goal was to remove herself of ego and prepare to live fully present allowing the natural beauty of spring to contrast by focusing on friends loving each other.
She planted her seeds by painting her friends looking joyous and happy. It was her way to get things rolling. The third part of her process was the physical activity of hooping and yoga, which helped her stay in the flow. “The exercise helped spin the paintings out,” she said.
The woman I am speaking of is Carolina Beach resident and artist extraordinaire, Wendy Kowalski, known also as Mezzanine. Kowalski moved here with her son, Blaze, a year ago as she chose to live a simpler life.
She now walks her son to school taking the opportunity to breath in nature as opposed to the two hours she used to spend daily in her vehicle driving. She may appear to have checked out from technology having no TV or computer in the home but she gets her news off NPR and checks her email at the library.
By limiting these distractions, Kowalski says, it has not cut her off from society, but rather the opposite has happened. She has been opened up more to meet and interact with neighbors.
She has been pleasantly surprised at the group of progressive thinking parents she has met in her son’s school.
Her winter’s work has blossomed in a show, “Notes for Joy,” opening reception 6:30-8:30 pm Thursday April 5th at Artful Living Group and continuing through the month of April.
During the reception DJ Gon will provide electronica – happy, ambient music similar to that which Kowalski listened to as she painted. Ostara, a group of local women will perform two short belly dances during the reception.
“We are spirits in the material world.” Come experience “Notes for Joy.” xo mo
Kure Beach resident Mo Linquist, Red Ribbon Professional of IFSG and allied ASID is a recognized expert on Pyramid Feng Shui.
She is the “ PersonPlace” design consultant specializing in soft goods such as fabrics, window treatments, reupholstery, blinds, shutters, feng shui and green healthy living products.
Her design studio is located in the Artful Living Group building 112 Cape Fear Blvd, Carolina Beach, NC.
Linquist speaks nationally and holds regular workshops and accredited trainings on this ancient form of environmental psychology.
Helping clients create home and office spaces designed specifically to support their individual goals and intentions, Linquist uses cutting-edge techniques integrating science, 20 years of interior
design experience and Feng Shui to balance, harmonize and create new patterns for success.
To learn more about her work or for a consultation, contact her at FaceBook at Mo Linquist Living Solutions or call 910-458-7822 office or 330-904-3636 cell.

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Press release is out for Carrack Modern show in Durham!

Home is in You, is a one-weekend-only art exhibition that explores conceptual and aesthetic representations of refuge, home and fantasy in light of internal refugee awareness month. The show features a collection of new works by Wilmington based painter, Wendy Kowalski, as well individual works by local artists.

Opening: 3rd Friday, June 15, 2012 7-10 pm

On display:

2pm-5pm Saturday June 16, 2012

2pm-5pm on Sunday June 17, 2012

The Carrack Modern Art Gallery

111 West Parish Street

Downtown Durham

Home is in You, focuses attention on the internal home that we create within our imaginations when we have little or no control over the external circumstances in our lives and when we channel our creative work.

Home is in You, is hosted by The Carrack Modern Art Gallery, a zero- commission professional art space that encourages artists to develop cultural and socio-economic ties to the community. Participating artists will donate a portion of the proceeds of art sales to Church World Service, a non-profit agency in Durham that supports refugees in the triangle. Curated by Adrian Schlesinger.

The opening is free and open to the public.

Contact Adrian at:

A percentage of the proceeds of art sales will go to CWS. Please join us. The event is free and open to the public, but sadly The Carrack Modern Art is not wheelchair accessible.​events/313860632022773/


Durham Urban Realty for Durham Art Walk 2012


Looking foImageLooking forward to another great time at Durham Urban Realty!! This time showing with dear friend and mosaic artist Alicia Ortiz!

Please come by to see us and some new art. If you haven’t been to this realty company… it is award winning, pro-downtown Durham and staffed by wonderful folk! They have lucsious high ceilings — great for hanging art!


Notes for Joy, an art exhibit at Artful Living Group, Carolina Beach April 2012

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Some pictures from the show are here.
DJ Gon was awesome, on time and spun a beautiful soundscape!!
Bellydance troupe Ostara performed beautifully! So grateful for a packed house on a cool night… too windy to spin any fire…next time!


Two November appearances: K2 in Asheville and Durham Art Walk

November 12
Portrait Marathon ~ Artist appearance at K2 in downtown Asheville

This is an inspired store filled with eclectic and natural home furnishings. The wonder~full women of K2 have been selling my art there for over a year now. I am excited to do my first store appearance there! There will be *pay-what-you-can* portraits… come make me work! See some new paintings and I will be bringing a lot of new original works on paper… wonderful acrobats with me to the mountains.

November 19
Durham Art Walk
This will be short because I’m deep in the paint working on commissions and works to show at these November appearances…. think color! think apples & acrobats!! Journeying back to the orchard at Deerfields to create new bite-sized pieces and vibrant paintings on paper.

Visit me at Vega Metals please… my first time there… love them!


Shakori Hills Fall 2011 ~ a portrait marathon ~


Feeling blessed and blissed and exhausted this Monday morning having met and connected thru art and shenanigans to so many fine humans at Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival. Thank you for coming by my booth and ~ namaste!

So many amazing singer/songwriters in NoCackalacky!!

Please direct any art inquiries… did u wish you’d gotten that special thing?… to Hilary Meehan at Lantana’s Gallery. She’s good people! Call direct:
910 457 0957


Escape to Nebulon with artist Wendy Kowalski – The WAE – Wilmington Star News – Wilmington, NC – Archive



AMPLIFY Grand Finale Art Event at WHQR You’re invited! Call too for stilt dancers, poi spinners, hoop dancers, unicyclists

September 23, 6:00pm
– The MC Erny Gallery at WHQR, 254 N. Front Street, Wilmington, NC

Aron Wayne DJ

“Amplify features visionary figural paintings of contemporary circus
aerialists, hoop dancers and trapeze artists in a classical style with
concern for movement and the overlap of environment and figure. The show
includes acrylics, oils, and mixed media, as well as custom built wood
panels that often have kinetic parts or multiple levels to emphasize

The Carnival Finale will feature jugglers, hoops, unicycles, spinners (poi, etc) and a
Stiltdancer Flashmob on the Front Street sidewalk of WHQR.”

DJ Wes Shipley (Boone) will be throwing down electronic psy, ambiant & dub step . (((dance dance dance)))

Paige La Wall  *hooping*

You (Looking beautiful! Come hoop, spin, stilt, unicycle if you’d like)

Here is some info about Wendy’s gallery event:

Here is the Facebook event for the reception:

Call for all Hoopers * Stiltwalkers * Spinners of all shapes and sizes * Unicyclists

Dear Lovely Hoopers!
Just want to get it out to as many hoop lovers as possible… there is a
flash mob this Friday right downtown in Wilmington at WHQR!! Times and
details… basically wear whatcha like or get costumed and come downtown…. are
at the above link. There is a facebook invite there, feel free to invite
yourself and be “attending”.

Let’s show Wilmington how fun spinning is!! Share please with your poi
spinning friends!!

I will be on stilts along with Bash of Juggling Gypsy… tell any stilt
dancers you might know

and lastly …unicyclists… surely there are some??

Art show at WHQR follows and then after party… come spin fire!! at the
Juggling Gypsy

Peace & Harmony in the hoop,


Here is the Facebook event for Wendy’s flashmob that will happen before the

Here is Wendy’s website:

Please let me know if you need any information. This is going to be a
fantastic evening.


John Mortara
Graduate Intern
WHQR Public Radio


Watch “Wendy Kowalski: “Amplify” Gallery Opening, July 22″ on YouTube


Temple Blessings (a painting commission)




Three lovely wood panels now hang above the windows in this spectacular Wilmington home. Custom made wide-striped drapes invoke cirque spirit.

The male and female figures were inspired by the feeling of resolution and wonder about the unknown that I felt at Black Rock City during the Temple burn. The trappings of that day, love notes and I miss yous were the highly emotional and human confections that manifested in these more playful and nearly animated figures and the falling ash became blessings in the form of sweet strawberries. How blessed we are in loss when it implies that we have loved and perhaps collectively that love energy flows in us, around us, through us.


AMPLIFY 4th Friday Art Party at WHQR 91.3 fm ~ NPR Gallery

Biscotti, Music by Chris Corsello

This large, multi-panel work of stiltwalkers on a high top, antique bicycle was painted in Winter 2011 following a sick period, without eye-contacts and to the electronic deep techno musical stylings and oddities of Chris Corsello’s Biscotti and Entropie tracks. “The music took me back to Burning Man and the figures became not just headed to the light but the light themselves. It was the most liberating and obsessive piece that I have painted.  I am eternally grateful to Corsello and to all of the DJs and musicians whose music transports us. Amplify is a show of art whose works together sing a song for new consciousness. In it I take more risks and have created larger pieces.

Treats for you! I have asked Chris Corsello (Raleigh/Germany and beyond.. as of this posting he has not returned to Germany yet) to spin on Friday July22…. and Jamie Poletti (Wilmington) of Strength and Elegance will perform on the pole.

Be the Party!

Get freaky ~ B.Y.O. self-expression.

You’ll be rewarded with unique works, performances, and snow cones and cotton candy at each reception. All in the beautiful WHQR Gallery on Front Street.

You are invited and I hope to see you there!”

Much Love Beautiful One, Wendy


WHQR Announces a New Show Opening at

the WHQR Gallery on July 22 –Oct 7

 Amplify: Kowalski Paintings, Drawings, Sculpture,

Kinetics and


WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA – WHQR 91.3fm Public Radio is excited to announce that the WHQR Gallery will open a brand new show on July 22

Opening Reception that takes place Friday, July 22 from 6:00 to 9:00 pm

Pole Art and Popsicles               

Guests are invited to meet the artist, the WHQR staff and on-air personalities while enjoying snow cones & cotton candy, a live dj, and the strength and elegance of pole artist Jamie Poletti. The show will remain on display until October 7, 2011. A portion of the proceeds from any sale of art benefits WHQR Public Radio.

Amplify: Kowalski

Paintings, Drawings, Sculpture, Kinetics and More features visionary figural paintings of contemporary circus aerialists, hoop dancers and trapeze artists in a classical style with concern for movement and the overlap of environment and figure. The show includes acrylics, oils, and mixed media, as well as custom built wood panels that often have kinetic parts or multiple levels to emphasize movement.

  Visionary artist Wendy Kowalski creates figural paintings of contemporary circus, aerialists, hoop dancers trapeze artists, and skymaids in blissful, in-between Nebulon. Her painting style takes a traditional Italian approach with the use of s’fumato, a concern for the overlapping nature of the environment with the figure. This feeling of oneness and transcendence appeals to her artistic and bohemian sensibilities. The world of Nebulon often has playful elements of flat color akin to a comic book or manga style.

Kowalski’s mixed media paintings are soulful and liberating and display great movement in both the figures and the free-flowing construction of panels which vary in levels and have painting wrapped around. Often, multiple panels made from birch or aluminum form one work. Her latest projects include more kinetics: hinges, pulleys, and casters as well as use of metals to outcrop panels on top of panels.

Having done nearly 10 Portrait Marathons, Kowalski is known for her personal exuberance “in the paint” as well as thoughtful introspection and bliss in her work. She paints standing, even for portraits, and constructs her wooden panels. She is a student of power tools and fantasizes about one day learning to drive a dump truck. Like Edison, she maintains a polyphasic sleep schedule. A yoga mat, hoops, and stilts are at the ready in her studio. She is an avid hoop and stilt dancer and beginner aerialist.

The exhibit will host two additional Receptions:

 Circus Conspiracy Film Clips & Flip Books on

August 26 with works as hommages to director Julie Taymor, hoop dancer and aerialist Kelly Jo of Radiant Hoops and Circus Conspiracy.


and the Carnival Finale

on September 23. The finale will feature acro-yoga jugglers by Acro Entertainment, Paige LaWall Hoops.

and…{drumroll} unicycles and stiltdancer Flashmob

on the sidewalk in front of WHQR at 5 pm sharp. Let’s turn some heads in downtown!!
Pass the word, save the date!!

Kowalski will add more new pieces

each month, constantly changing the show.

The receptions celebrating Amplify are part of Fourth Friday Gallery

Nights in downtown Wilmington .  The WHQR Gallery is on

the third floor of The Warwick Building at 254 N. Front Street .  WHQR 91.3fm,

broadcasting out of Wilmington , is the only public radio station for

southeast North Carolina .

Interviews with Wendy Kowalski and WHQR staff are

available upon request. (910) 343-1640 WHQR, ask for Mary Bradley or mary at


Links to good stuff, great music to download: