Mezza9 art : Poki and Ember project and Circus Performers

Ember & Poki / Work in progress

  • “Two thumbs and two toes up!”
    Enci Box, Publisher of Bitter Lemons
  • “. . . Intricate and unsettlingly beautiful.”
    Phil Cramer, New Orleans Fringe Festival
Poki & Ember of The Button Wagon
Poki and Ember of The Button Wagon

A show of mixed up proportions and mind bending contortions.

With, Ember, a button-addict cowboy-boot wearing contortionist & Poki, master of balance and object illusion.

Button Wagon is sure to tickle your soul, wiggle your toes, and entangle your mind with wonder.

Poki: The The Cover Art, 68″hx40″w, acrylic and mixed-media on cardboard on wood. Based on the performance Button Wagon. (private collection)

Mezza9 has been documenting the wonder-full performances of flow artist and juggler: Poki and his partner, the contortionist: Ember. Their polished performance art sheds insight on human behavior and humans’ love of magic too.

Underlying their performances you might find messages about addiction, human relationships, and our relationship with the world of ‘stuff’.

They arouse the feelings of love and wonder; Mezza9’s source for all of her work.

Poki’s skill with humor and mesmerizing isolations and balancing awarded him first place in fire art at the Burning Man festival.

This on-going body of  Mezza9’s artwork  includes large scale and multi-dimensional paintings and kinetics; a phenaktiskope, series of large-scale paintings, and wooden pull toys and a book of the art: The The.

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The Button Wagon, on exhibit at K2 Studio in Asheville, NC

Ember, in progress, Mixed media on cardboard on wood, 60"wx60"h
Ember, in progress, Mixed media on cardboard on wood, 60″wx60″h
detail of The Button Wagon, in progress
detail of The Button Wagon, in progress
The Button Wagon, 12’wx6’h, on exhibit at the Wilmington Art Council, Wilmington, NC solo exhibit “In Ecstasy in Air & Water” spring, 2013

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Who is in the paintings? Mezza9 is inspired by living performers. She studies and paints the performers in Unifire Theatre, ClanDestiny Circus and other individual circus and street performers such as members of Triangle Fire and numerous paintings of the burlesque performer, Cherry-Oh! and the festival goer Cara, in the spirit of Degas painting dancers on and off of the stage and Toulouse-Lautrec documenting his beloved  Montmartre, the area of Paris famous for its bohemian lifestyle and the haunt of artists, writers, and philosophers. She shares the performing artists’ passion for the circus and is a performer herself with hoop and fire hoop dance, stilt dance with hooping, and aerial hoop (lyra) and is recently attempting the unicycle and fire whip.

Good photographs contribute to good art. Some of Mezza’s favorite photographers are: Hannah Combs Photography, Christy Rae, Claudio Rodgriguez, and Moore Photography.

Mezza9 National Public Radio (NPR) Interview for award-winning solo exhibit, “Amplify: Paintings and Kinetics”

Click here for Artist’s Statement

Artist Statement : Thoughts on “In the Paint” by Mezza9

Mezza9 Curriculum Vitae

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