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Paintings by Mezza9

Visionary artist Mezza9 paints toward a new consciousness. Collectors nationwide have been discovering Mezza9’s art for more than a decade.

Working in oil, acrylic and mixed-media equally, Mezza9’s cirque figures soar in these narrative visionist paintings (visionary/impressionistic) which convey the movement of acrobats, dancers, and flow artists; their strength, beauty and connectedness to source.

This lush juxtaposition of traditional and impressionistic styles with contemporary subjects transforms street performers, aerialists, hoop dancers, trapeze artists, into the aerobatic twirling Skymaids and Skymen who make forays into the alternately ethereal underwater and cloud filled diaphonous scapes in the blissful realm of Nebulon.

An examination of the kinetic painting Temple of Flux

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Available Paintings by Mezza9

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In Vitro

Anticipation has been building, Mezza9, a fit, dread-headed American artist with a following on the East coast, is getting ready to show her paintings on the West coast of the United States for the first time. During the last dozen years, Mezza9, who creates large-scale figural paintings, has been gestating several wall-sized works and a series of sculpture of beehive disco balls, a public art project. Her first appearance on the West Coast remains mysterious, but she is looking at many of the highly respected galleries and museums for this new body of work. Like all of her large-scale paintings, the new series are to have interactive kinetic parts and and an ethereal, other-worldly feel. By the sea in North Carolina was the perfect environment for birthing one of the four works. This one, Aron’s Aerosport,is thirty feet long and ten feet high. The steam punk feel and magical element of floating women who appear to be sawed on boxes like a magician of lore create an allure of the dream quality of the loving friendships that went into the manifestation of this paintings. The front ten feet feature a chariot driven by the fire spinners Rachel Elieza and Mark Karavan who drive the team of puppet saber tooth tigers. At the back, Dana watches behind with a periscope and DJ Aron plays the music which floats the figures. It is an engaging narrative which depicts the magical transportation of music.

Mezza9 National Public Radio (NPR) Interview for award-winning solo exhibit, “Amplify: Paintings and Kinetics”

Click here for Artist’s Statement

Artist Statement : Thoughts on “In the Paint” by Mezza9

Mezza9 Curriculum Vitae


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