Evolver.net Spore comes to Wilmington, NC!




Today I am officially starting an Evolver spore in Wilmington, NC. I love the beauty of the earth and want to be very conscious about what I put out into the world. If you feel the same, read on to find out more about why I have decided to start this Evolver spore. And even better – get involved.

There will be events! You CAN get involved! I believe a committee will form — we will all be beautiful and informed and ready to put out into the world that which we believe to be good!!


Some of the more juicy questions on the application to be a “sporeganizer”.

W h y d o y o u w a n t t o s t a r t u p a n E v o l v e r S p o r e i n y o u r a r e a ?

I believe. I’m awake. I want to put into the world what I believe is to be good and intelligent and worthwhile to expanding our consciousness, improving our behavior, etc. Seems it’d be better to offer the choices rather than to be preaching them or trying to convert folk. I mean the choices to learn about sacred medicines, energy work, yoga, sustainability,and our lovely speakers like Alan Watts, Daniel Pinchbeck, Terrence McKenna and the visual artists. And just the general spiritual wellness and idea of infinity and one love. Those big ideas that it’s taken me time to realize not everyone is down with them. This geographic area has some interest, but it really needs more awareness events that combine art, circus/flow arts, music,spirituality. I am an artist and all about this combination. We have a college here, and the beach, and a place to meet up – the Juggling Gypsy.


4 . W h a t a r e y o u p a s s i o n a t e a b o u t ?

“…events that combine art, circus/flow arts, music,spirituality. I am an artist and all about this combination.” The natural world, circus, healthy eating, loving, creating unique art events, painting, intellectualism/philosophy, twirling, fire spinning, stilt dancing, running, hoop dance and aerial hoop… sustainability…”

8 . N a m e o n e o r t w o p r o j e c t s o r e v e n t s y o u d l i k e t o s t a r t i n y o u r a r e a ?

I have a kickstarter grant to create Beehive Discoballs – they have a launch party …in Durham, NC where I have contacts and close friends. It has several components: daytime workshops in energy work, breath work, yoga, sustainability, flow arts, cirque performance… visionary art show …and a party under the disco balls at night.

Locally I’d like to have meet ups at the Juggling Gypsy. Workshops in energy work, speakers on all of the psychedelic topics, sustainability, energy, sacred geometry etc.

And I desparately want more healing/breathing energy playshops happening during my art events.

Bringing Evolver here will help bring the channelers, the sacred geometry, the Steiners out I hope.

9 . I t s t h e y e a r 2 0 2 0 a n d y o u r e E v o l v e r r e g i o n a l h a s b e e n v e r y s u c c e s s f u l o v e r t h e l a s t t e n y e a r s . I n a p a r a g r a p h , p l e a s e d e s c r i b e w h a t y o u r c o m m u n i t y n o w l o o k s l i k e t h a n k s t o t h e f a b u l o u s w o r k o f y o u r r e g i o n a l .

Our kids are teenagers and involved with Evolver. They are aware of a bigger community and we are all less other and more of what is acceptable as far as lifestyle choices. This is already happening with this generation – I am optimistic.

I see so many beautiful people at music festivals who live in Love & Light. So many artists creating from this source and doing live painting, sharing, and concerned for the environment. They are aware of a collective consciousness. They are the folk who are cultivating this society of acceptance and humaness, I believe. The coming generation is very positive.

Evolver will have larger group participation and a meeting place and a focus. The artists and philosophers will have more to talk about than their next show or next bev from the bar. There will be intelligent expansion of thought and a chill / more spiritual place for those seeking light and heart opening. The dread headed folk will lead community events and be impowered to make decisions in the community instead of being on the fringe or alone.

Beyond justifying belief systems, I would hope it’d be a resource, and a central meeting place for discussion. A place for introducing folks to things they may or may not have thought about before and a place of light.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Alex Grey in Atlanta by Area 51 is the type of visionary event that I am bringing to Durham with the fabulous help of SpinningHeadsEvents under the coordination of Brooke Buchanan. I am thrilled at the potential of Evolver.net’s involvement with this event.

More TBA for sure!!


Mezza9 with Alex & Allyson Grey

While I see tremendous value in festivals; we don’t live there. We take some of what we experience back into the world. The same is true of art shows, and performance, and spiritual retreats. That is why I have included pics of my son in the slideshow… we live here… in our hearts. He is who propels me to take on this new role as an act of love.

I follow a long line of painters who were activists. Frida Kahlo, especially I admire and have emulated in some aspects; she was very passionate about her politics, as well as a dynamic figure and painter who really poured her soul into her work.

I feel blessed to take this path.

♡¸.*¨*✫♡LOVE ~♡¸.*¨*✫♡ one love ~♡¸.*¨*✫♡ ONE LOVE ♡¸.*¨*✫♡~
♡¸.*¨*✫♡ MEZZA9 ~♡¸.*¨*✫♡LOVE ~♡¸.*¨*✫♡ one love ~♡¸.*¨*✫♡ ONE LOVE ♡¸.*¨*✫♡~

durham news observer eno 2012


oh my

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