It took a Village!! Kickstarter a Success!


Studio Nebulon says Thank You
Song for a New Consciousness has moved to Lantana’s Gallery in beautiful Southport, NC. She is still seeking a permanent home.

Thank you so much.

Two years of painting and thinking about hexagons and Buckminster Fuller and I’ve arrived to have enough funding to create these Beehive Disco Balls.

A big hug and thank you to Pollen Path backers:

Gregory Sadler, Joe Corey, Jennifer Wang, Daniel Singer,

Ron Royster, Norman Hill, Jessica Page, Joe Corey, Lee Fox, Cara Slumdig, Dawn Hall, Robert Workmon, Charles blizzard, Dixon Stetler, Laura, Katherine O’Brien, Renee Rand, Susan Haws, Perry Sugg, Lanny Lantana’s, Colleen Ringrose, Paula Ackerman, Jaime

Chandra, Christina and Jon Fish, Alicia Ortiz, Tanya Tilley, Rodney Derick, Grayson Baur, Dianne Freund, James Spicka, Craig Thieman, Joey McMillan, Stephanie Moore, and thank you for the generosity of Kelton Brandt, Sandra Geich, Rachel Wellman, Brenda van Orsouw, John Dorman, Renee Leverty, Heather Robinson, and the sweet man who didn’t laugh at my computer (too hard) Russ Campbell.

Special, special thank you to Eddy and those beautiful souls

who believed in my project at the very beginning and gave of

themselves in time, talent & support: Rodney Derrick, Virginia Bridges, Renee Leverty, Joe Galas, Stephanie Moore, Russ Campbell, Gwenyfar of Old Front Street Books, Anne Flaherty, The Creativity team of Transformus, and those who believed

at its crucial Kickstarter ending including Norman Hill, The Landing: Tree & Eddy, Blaze Coyote for his patience with his mom!, and Cliff Bellamy and all of the well-wishers who empowered me to keep my heart out front. Thank you to Jimmy Kaylis for studio space.

Now the real work begins. After 30 days Kickstarter will send the funding minus 10% fees. I’ll be warming up the welding tools, tying back my dreadlocks and getting to work. There will be a prototype to make, then onward to the lighting — get ready Jonathan Paine & Charity Evans!

The Disco Balls will travel! This is ultimately Public Art. Kinetic, shiny and to be seen by many at Festivals and beyond.

There will be B’Circk: A Day of Illumination with energy work,

speakers on behalf of the bees, Tarot reading and circus

performances and dancing under the Beehive Disco Balls in Durham in April and a big shazam at the preztel opening in Asheville. I hope you will make these events part of your social fabric.

For booking: Kate O’Donnell in the subject line to:

If you missed out on sending monetary support, but want to, I will honor the rewards offered on the Kickstarter until Dec. 1. This includes the $12 tickets to B’Circk: A Day of Illumination, while they last. As of now there are about 80 left. Credit cards can be phoned in to 910 515 1328. Or mail: Wendy Kowalski c/o Studio Nebulon, 1827 Burnett Blvd, Wilmington, NC 28401. Email any questions at all about Pollen Path, life & liberty to:

Bee well, bee free n’ spread the love like honey!


Tell your friends!! Artist needs your action today!
For more loving art and for answers to all of your existential, alchemist and slightly psychedelic but always galactic ponderings please pen a message loosely on nice paper then type it neatly to Be sure to marvel at the splendor of the ballpoint pen and the clack of the keys — how far we’ve come and how far we’ll go!
*Love & Gratitude*
Wendy Kowalski
Studio Nebulon Downtown
1827 Burnett Blvd
Wilmington, NC 28401
910 515-1328



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