Durham Urban Realty for Durham Art Walk 2012


Looking foImageLooking forward to another great time at Durham Urban Realty!! This time showing with dear friend and mosaic artist Alicia Ortiz!

Please come by to see us and some new art. If you haven’t been to this realty company… it is award winning, pro-downtown Durham and staffed by wonderful folk! They have lucsious high ceilings — great for hanging art!


3 thoughts on “Durham Urban Realty for Durham Art Walk 2012

  1. Hi Wendy! Saw your work on Saturday, and we are interested in a piece. Unfortunately didn’t grab a card and can not find any other contact information, so posting here. Please email us at tmy42@hotmail.com. Thanks!

    1. Please contact the artist at beecombfreedom@gmail.com. Or contact Lantana’s Gallery in Southport, NC or K2 Studio in Asheville, NC. These are both local conscious businesses with a fabulous selection of Kowalski art. Another avenue is to look at the backer art on the Mezza9 Kickstarterl. The link is: http://kck.st/PrZDHh. Hope you find a piece of joy & peace for your home. Thank you!!

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