AMPLIFY 4th Friday Art Party at WHQR 91.3 fm ~ NPR Gallery

Biscotti, Music by Chris Corsello

This large, multi-panel work of stiltwalkers on a high top, antique bicycle was painted in Winter 2011 following a sick period, without eye-contacts and to the electronic deep techno musical stylings and oddities of Chris Corsello’s Biscotti and Entropie tracks. “The music took me back to Burning Man and the figures became not just headed to the light but the light themselves. It was the most liberating and obsessive piece that I have painted.  I am eternally grateful to Corsello and to all of the DJs and musicians whose music transports us. Amplify is a show of art whose works together sing a song for new consciousness. In it I take more risks and have created larger pieces.

Treats for you! I have asked Chris Corsello (Raleigh/Germany and beyond.. as of this posting he has not returned to Germany yet) to spin on Friday July22…. and Jamie Poletti (Wilmington) of Strength and Elegance will perform on the pole.

Be the Party!

Get freaky ~ B.Y.O. self-expression.

You’ll be rewarded with unique works, performances, and snow cones and cotton candy at each reception. All in the beautiful WHQR Gallery on Front Street.

You are invited and I hope to see you there!”

Much Love Beautiful One, Wendy


WHQR Announces a New Show Opening at

the WHQR Gallery on July 22 –Oct 7

 Amplify: Kowalski Paintings, Drawings, Sculpture,

Kinetics and


WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA – WHQR 91.3fm Public Radio is excited to announce that the WHQR Gallery will open a brand new show on July 22

Opening Reception that takes place Friday, July 22 from 6:00 to 9:00 pm

Pole Art and Popsicles               

Guests are invited to meet the artist, the WHQR staff and on-air personalities while enjoying snow cones & cotton candy, a live dj, and the strength and elegance of pole artist Jamie Poletti. The show will remain on display until October 7, 2011. A portion of the proceeds from any sale of art benefits WHQR Public Radio.

Amplify: Kowalski

Paintings, Drawings, Sculpture, Kinetics and More features visionary figural paintings of contemporary circus aerialists, hoop dancers and trapeze artists in a classical style with concern for movement and the overlap of environment and figure. The show includes acrylics, oils, and mixed media, as well as custom built wood panels that often have kinetic parts or multiple levels to emphasize movement.

  Visionary artist Wendy Kowalski creates figural paintings of contemporary circus, aerialists, hoop dancers trapeze artists, and skymaids in blissful, in-between Nebulon. Her painting style takes a traditional Italian approach with the use of s’fumato, a concern for the overlapping nature of the environment with the figure. This feeling of oneness and transcendence appeals to her artistic and bohemian sensibilities. The world of Nebulon often has playful elements of flat color akin to a comic book or manga style.

Kowalski’s mixed media paintings are soulful and liberating and display great movement in both the figures and the free-flowing construction of panels which vary in levels and have painting wrapped around. Often, multiple panels made from birch or aluminum form one work. Her latest projects include more kinetics: hinges, pulleys, and casters as well as use of metals to outcrop panels on top of panels.

Having done nearly 10 Portrait Marathons, Kowalski is known for her personal exuberance “in the paint” as well as thoughtful introspection and bliss in her work. She paints standing, even for portraits, and constructs her wooden panels. She is a student of power tools and fantasizes about one day learning to drive a dump truck. Like Edison, she maintains a polyphasic sleep schedule. A yoga mat, hoops, and stilts are at the ready in her studio. She is an avid hoop and stilt dancer and beginner aerialist.

The exhibit will host two additional Receptions:

 Circus Conspiracy Film Clips & Flip Books on

August 26 with works as hommages to director Julie Taymor, hoop dancer and aerialist Kelly Jo of Radiant Hoops and Circus Conspiracy.


and the Carnival Finale

on September 23. The finale will feature acro-yoga jugglers by Acro Entertainment, Paige LaWall Hoops.

and…{drumroll} unicycles and stiltdancer Flashmob

on the sidewalk in front of WHQR at 5 pm sharp. Let’s turn some heads in downtown!!
Pass the word, save the date!!

Kowalski will add more new pieces

each month, constantly changing the show.

The receptions celebrating Amplify are part of Fourth Friday Gallery

Nights in downtown Wilmington .  The WHQR Gallery is on

the third floor of The Warwick Building at 254 N. Front Street .  WHQR 91.3fm,

broadcasting out of Wilmington , is the only public radio station for

southeast North Carolina .

Interviews with Wendy Kowalski and WHQR staff are

available upon request. (910) 343-1640 WHQR, ask for Mary Bradley or mary at


Links to good stuff, great music to download:

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