Riding Tandem with Rummage Sale Wigs

Grab your wig and come on out for a Fire and Art show at Porters Neck Yoga! Fire spinning by one of the best around, M.A.R.K. Friends for life, Christy Rae (Raleigh) and Wendy Kowalski (local) showing new experimental art. Would love your help in spreading the word…
see facebook / wendy kowalski / christy rae for open invitation… or just come 🙂 smiles and love for you!!! 
Riding Tandem In Rummage Sale Wigs – Art Opening
Wendy Kowalski
Christy Rae

Friday, March 25 · 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Porters Neck Yoga and Spa
8044 Market Street
Wilmington, NC

Throw together a night of art — artists — fire — balancing and even a bit of yoga…

What do you get?


It’s a movement – people!

Swoosh, bang, flutter and flicker – people are stacked on top of and flying
through the air — are never still and often exploring — sometimes
exploding!! And all of this is ultimately caught by the lens of a
camera — the rapid quick sketch of a pencil — or the stroke of a

Our world is a constantly evolving circus — we are blessed to have
inspiration at our very fingertips always! What has developed over
the years is a partnership of lifestyle — where our lives are our art…

We stage random events — heck — that’s a lie – we just tell our friends
to put on their fripperies and stand still — sometimes they even stand still!
And the results we are happy to unleash for you and make it the most random
of art show ever…

These are our friends – our family – and they are our very essence
that brings us this lovely tandemonium! And now we invite you to
share this art / life / experience with us…

Wendy Kowalski quested deeper into the worlds of loving and in between
to bring us new versions of Nebulon — deeper into the wilderness
where the circus figures are more creatures of light inhabiting
Nebulon where the boundaries between Gaia, sky land and sea are

First showing of The Wilderness: stilt walkers on bikes was
painted with little eyesight and light in a (sometimes frightening)
journey toward trust. “The pieces are transformative, an awakening, a dawn of a new consciousness…”

She was inspired by the green movement and creative wheelers at Burning Man. She has been trying to figure out too the lure of Buckminster Fuller’s hexagons. It has been said that writing a novel is about the writer’s search for identity… these paintings have pulled the painter closer to understanding and acceptance of her identity.
“I battled with my worst illness ever this winter and returning to the paint in Jan and Feb was a rebirth. I really wanted to flow with the paint. It is so wonderful to feel like, oh, I ? painted that. I surmised that Monet felt his way to an understanding of light and that his later years were very much blind. He was trusting the mind to recreate the play of light on his garden that he knew so well. I felt this great joy one morning watching the moon with my dog at the waterlilly pond at Duke Gardens… Don’t tell, but we were there before hours and it felt monumental. Sunrises do that. I am just behind the mask. A visionary artist in this regard.”

In early 2010 a couple told me of their experience in tandem bike races. They described that riding tandem was the pre-marriage test for them. And they had been together since for 2 decades! Riding Tandem. Pedaling bikes in tandem is one of the hardest feats. The front peddler
must exhibit strength and direction, while the back peddler must have trust and epic
intuitive communication. Tandem occurs too between artists of music/DJs, dance and
disciplinary arts including hoop dance, stilt dance, aerial hoop and acro-yoga, performance,
photography… Tandem too is the beautiful twin sisterhood that runs Porter’s Neck Yoga.

Two Wheeler Dealer owner, Jim, will be loaning his tandem bike for us to pet the night of the show. So cool of him.

Kowalski Paintings are at times inspired from the photography of Christy Rae…

Christy Rae’s photography is inspired by the circus world we live in –
everything is always a swirl of movement and excitement…
And she always has a camera on hand to capture it!
Images in black and white as well as a new catalog of ‘SteamPunkery’ images
will be on hand to show you the amazing universe we use to keep our art flowing…

Please join us as we bring our latest and greatest creations to you…

We bring to you Art By:
Wendy Kowalski (www.beecombfreedom.wordpress.com)

older but slightly interesting stuff:

Christy Rae (www.erosphotos.com)

Fire Performance by:
Mark Karavan  (amazing and Burning Man award winning!)


Porters Neck Yoga
8044 Market Street
Wilmington NC


Location:Porters Neck Yoga and Spa
Time:6:00PM Friday, March 25th
facebook invite

previous show at the neck:


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